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customised clothing information

Bought a new jacket only to find your neighbour got the same one? Maybe your waistcoat’s a bit boring or you want to cover up a red wine stain? Perhaps you just want to give an old favourite from your wardrobe a new lease of life? Then let me give it the McAnaraks treatment.
I’ve been selling my unique clothing at craft fairs for over 25 years, but I’ve always had to turn down internet sales because the customer can’t try it on before buying. Now I have a solution – send me a garment and I’ll transform it using the thousands of fabrics and trimmings in my workshop. That way you know you are happy with the size and shape before I start work on it.
This is how it works :
You email me a photo of the garment you want customised and I’ll tell you if it’s suitable. If it is, we can then consult over what you want done and how much it will cost. If you decide you want to go ahead I send you a Paypal invoice and once you have paid it you can send me the garment, I do the agreed work, and send it back to you.
Please read the information below for full terms and conditions.

Product Description

Thanks for your interest in having your own jacket customised by McAnaraks. Not all jackets will work for customisation, so how should you choose your jacket? Look for something that you like: the colour, shape and fit. My customisation will add to it, but not alter it, so if the colour is wrong or it doesn’t fit properly, those problems will not be solved by customisation! The jacket should be unlined if possible, so I can add to the front and back; if it’s lined I can only add to the front. I need a bit of room to work on, so it’s best if it doesn’t have breast pockets or too much detailing on it already. Please submit photos by email, showing the front and the back of the jacket, so that I can determine if it’s suitable for customising. Finally, I will need to know the fabric content. Once I’ve seen the photo and received the necessary information regarding lining and fabric content, I will tell you if it’s suitable for me to work on.

We can then discuss what you want me to do it: you might want to give me free-rein, you might have a colour theme in mind, or you might have seen one I’ve done previously that you like. You can see some examples here. However, please be aware that I won’t repeat a previous jacket exactly, but I can usually do something similar, yet different. I will work with you until you’re happy with a design plan for the jacket. At that point I will give you a price for the customisation. The price for customisation starts at £60.00 but may be higher depending on the amount of work to be done; for example, embellishing both the front and back takes longer than just the front, and therefore costs more. You will also pay all postage, both for sending the jacket to me, and for me to send the completed jacket back to you by registered mail. You will be responsible for any loss or damage in transit.

If you decide to go ahead with the agreed work I will send you an invoice and once it is paid you can send me the jacket. The jacket should be freshly laundered (washed or dry cleaned) when you send it to me and must not smell of cigarette smoke or perfume. These smells can spread to other fabrics in my workshop and are not pleasant to work with. I will do the agreed work and send the completed jacket back to you.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot give refunds or accept returns on this type of work. You must agree to accept the finished jacket before I begin work. For this reason, please be sure that you like the type of work I do and that you will be happy for me to do that type of thing to the jacket you send. I want you to be happy with the end result and I will do the work to the best of my ability and in keeping with what we both agree to in advance. THIS IS IMPORTANT: In paying for the work to be done you are agreeing to accept the finished jacket.