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This blanket was knitted by my other half Steve’s Great Granny from wool she unravelled from old jumpers, he inherited it about 40 years ago and for the last 15 it has covered the armchair he sits in. After washing it I noticed that some of the seams were coming apart, so I put it aside to repair, in that pile of stuff waiting to be repaired, you know, the tall pile.… Read the rest

to use or not to use….

shisha embroidery from India

shisha embroidery from India

I bought these shisha (or mirrored) embroidered pieces in India sometime last century, they’ve hung around in my workshop for at least 15 years. I intended making them into wearable belts, didn’t happen, and to be honest I think the market for mirrored belts is somewhat limited to belly dancers . They are very heavy and inflexible due to the large number of mirrors on each one, and that limits their usefulness on clothing.Read the rest