100 days of : chapter 2

I’m taking part in the The 100 Day Project and have completed days 25-36.  You can read about days 1-24 here
I used a piece of fabric I received from Ruth McDonald in an exchange. Great textures, and lots of possibilities.
First I painted it with acrylic paint and stamped it with some foam stamps I bought at a carboot sale the previous day.
Then I dissected it.

Then I reassembled it into 2×2 inch squares….

I really enjoyed using Ruth’s piece, the textures are wonderful, and working at such a small scale mades me really appreciate the weave of the fabric.

Here is the piece I sent to Ruth..  she did this with it..
and then used it in this work in progress. Ruth says…”It’s not finished yet but have done a bit more. I have cut out petal shapes & am stitching them on to water soluble. I am hoping I can eventually dissolve the soluble using a paintbrush to try to avoid wetting the paper shapes. It’s a bit experimental and high risk but thought I’d give it a go! Plan is to do 3 flowers shapes in a row & make a sort of hanging.”
I like a bit of high risk textile art, I’ll charter it’s progress in future chapters.
Ruth McDonald
I recently took part in a swap in another Facebook group where we had to make a “Amulet or Talisman” . I was looking for a piece of fabric to use as a base to add embellishments to. I came across a strip left over from the piece that Tamara Schultz sent me.

There was not much of it to be seen when I had finished, but it’s nice to have used all of Tamara’s piece .
Here what I made for the swap..
The recipient says she feels like she’s been awarded a medal 🙂
Next up for my 100 Days of 2 inchies is this piece I received from Sue Justjems  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it, in the next episode I’ll share what I did, and also what Sue did with the piece I sent her.

I’ll just leave this here ….
See you soon for chapter 3.